Productivity, Project Management, Marketing, Web etc. Here are all the easy, great and free tools you can use as a new or experienced ZZP to make your life much easier and fun. 

Your Top 5 ZZP resources to boost your PRODUCTIVITY

Focus Keeper

An iPhone app that helps you use the Pomodoro technique for time management and focused work


A great meditation app, especially for beginners


Free tool that adjusts your laptop screen’s brightness and colour to the time of day. Warmer at night, brighter during the day

Time Out

Free app that gently reminds you to take screen breaks


Simple web-based writing app that helps you improve your writing

Your Top 5 ZZP resources to be a unique PROJECT MANAGER

Google Drive

Cloud storage that can be shared, used with teams and accessed from any device. The first 15 GB are free


Very visual project management tool. Great for creating workflows

We Transfer

Free and simple data transfer tool that lets you easily send large files without having to deal with emails


Free-to-use project management software with great features for teams of solopreneurs. Can be used as your main business hub

Synchronize app

Lightweight app that helps you figure out time differences to avoid missing calls with friends and colleagues

Your Top 5 ZZP resources to become a MARKETING guru


Email marketing, ads, landing pages, and automation tools to grow your business on your terms


One of the most popular landing page builders


Easy and free tool to create beautiful and mobile optimized online surveys

Google Analytics

A must-have tool for any website – track your traffic, stats and more

Yoast SEO

Easy and free plugin to optimise SEO on your WordPress pages and posts

Your Top 5 ZZP resources to become a SOCIAL MEDIA expert


Amazing new social media scheduling tool! Allows you to create categories and reuse evergreen content leading to much more traffic


A unique Instagram scheduling tool. Lets you plan and schedule your Instagram posts and the drag and drop grid allows you to preview what your grid will look like


Great app to edit your photos for Instagram

Lets you conduct split-screen live interviews in your Facebook Group or Page


The leading social media dashboard to enhance your social media management. You can manage multiple networks and profiles and measure your campaign results

Your Top 5 ZZP resources for WRITING and TEAM COMMUNICATION


Free grammar & spellchecker with Chrome extension

Air Story

Writing and content software for teams that lets you save snippets, edit docs, and save templates across teams


Simple and powerful communication app that is super popular amongst start ups and remote workers


My favourite new tool to quickly and easily record and share screencasts; great for sharing instructions with team members


Great for webinars, mastermind calls, and even for live streaming conversations & interviews

Your Top 5 ZZP resources to become a true DESIGNer


Free, highly intuitive and really fun web-based graphic design tool that lets you create anything from social media graphics to CVs

Creative Market

Online marketplace where you can buy everything design related, from logos to fonts. Every week they have a selection of free designs


Has a huge selection of beautiful and free to use stock photos


Free, web-based image compression tool, especially useful if you want to speed up your websit

Creative Commons

Search for royalty free photos on different platforms

Your Top 5 ZZP resources for MONEY and ACCOUNTING


By far the cheapest way to send money abroad, works with most major currencies


Accept electronic card payments on your website for a small fee and in over a dozen currencies


Global banking solution for travellers, including debit card, free transfers and peer-to-peer payments


Online accounting and invoicing software for self-employed workers and freelancers


A Dutch bank that allows you to quickly open your business account. Experience features that save you time, giving you the freedom to grow your business

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