Grow your freelance business

Are you determined to develop your freelance business?

Scaling your business

Automating repetitive tasks with appropriate systems and recruiting the right people is essential if you want to focus on the essential and top priorities of your business.

Designing your marketing plan

“Every battle is won before it is fought”.  Knowing exactly how to win the war on your market can be complex. Yet, if your game plans are solid, adjustable and accurate enough, the battlefield is yours.

Optimizing your Web Presence

Being visible online is not suffient anymore. If you want to grow your freelance business, not only do you need to acquire a strong e-reputation but also address your audience appropriately.

Getting the right freelancer's mindset

Not all former great employees become successful freelancers and not everybody is born with an innate talent for entrepreneurship. Thinking and acting like a true leader is something you learn all along your freelancer’s journey.

Maximizing your customer satisfaction

What is more important than the success and happiness of your own customers? Because everything you do as a freelancer is or should be for your customers first, learning how to maximize their satisfaction is key to grow long-term.

Investing your time or money in strategic growth leverages

What else do you have apart your time or budget if you want to grow your business? Should you always decide to invest euros instead of your own time? Explore in this section how you can make the best use of your unique assets.

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