Which freelancer in the Netherlands does not have his/her own website today?

Let’s admit it: 10 years ago, being a freelancer and not having a website could be conceivable.

Nowadays, the digital world is so prevailing that not only could it be shocking to your clients and suppliers not to have a website but more importantly, by doing so you would just shoot yourself in the foot.

There are dozens of reasons why a good website is simply essential for your freelance business: 

  • Merely tell your clients, suppliers, partners etc. who you are and what you generally do
  • Where you are based and since when
  • The services and/or products you provide
  • The problems you fix / Your added-value
  • The types of clients you typically deal with
  • What makes you unique
  • Do you have a special story your clients should know about? (passion, past experience, special projects you worked on etc.)
  • Do you work with a team? How does your company / freelance business look like?
  • The clients you have already worked with and satisfied
  • Your processes and way of working
  • Your values / What matters to you
  • How to get in touch with you

We could extend this list on and on.

However, if the quantity of information definitely matters on your website, you probably do not want to end up in a situation where your (potential) clients and business partners get bored by reading your looooooong website, or even worse, not finding straight away the information they are looking for. 

Fitting modern web users’ behavior and expectations: the necessity of having an efficient freelancer’s website

Modern people and web users are said to have less and less time today. The truth is they have less and less patience.

website impatience freelancer

Why? For 2 apparent reasons.

First, just like you, your clients are overwhelmed daily with dozens of news coming from their mobile, computer, tablet etc. Whatever the device you get information on, one characteristic of the new digital era is that it has massively amplified the amount of information you get daily.

On the other hand, your working time has probably not changed drastically over the last years.

As a result, your time have just been compressed over and over in the new digital era, without you necessarily noticing it.

freelancer time compression

In response to this urge for immediacy and efficiency – web users wanting the right information the fastest possible – more and more websites and apps have become extremely optimized. Such websites and apps make sure they consistently provide you the exact information you need while taking the utmost care to keep your attention as much as they can.

Providing your web users and potential clients what they need or want to read without wasting their time is what ultimately will make your web users loyal and turn them into real customers.

Just think even about yourself: would you spend more than 5 minutes on a website if you cannot find what you initially wanted?

Here is a nice article about the basic principles of building an effective business website. Familiarize yourself with those tips and see how you could structure or change your website to make it more effective to your users.

Being unique, being yourself.

freelancer identity website

Let’s now speak of another crucial factor you must take into account if you want to build a successful website portraying your freelance business at its best: Identity.

A website showing off your unique personality

You do not want to be perceived as one out of a thousand, right? If you want to convince the visitors on your website and turn them into potential clients, then how do you make sure you differentiate yourself from the competition? What does make you truly unique?

For sure you do things in your own way, had your own experiences and challenges, adopt your own approach, and bring your own touch, style and talent to every project you carry out.

freelancer style

Knowing this is one thing, reflecting it to your potential clients, suppliers and business partners is another one.

When it comes to promoting yourself as a freelancer, that is always significantly different from running a private business: in fact, as a ZZP, your business or your name is actually your own brand.

Because of that, injecting personality into your personal brand is crucial to make your branding successful.

Concretely it means that any web user coming to your website, and hopefully finding you on Google or via social media, should be able to grasp within 30 seconds the type of person you are and how you can help them.

freelancer personality

Your point of view, your tone, your methodological approach, your insights and the way you display them: all of those speak to your site’s visitors. Do not try to be someone else or copy the website of one of your competitor, just be yourself and speak to your users without any cover: this will definitely help differentiate you from everyone else who sells similar services or products as yours.

Here are a few examples of websites of some freelancers in the Netherlands that immediately tell you about who they are and what they can do for you:


Creating your brand identity

brand identity freelancer

Have you noticed a trend with the above examples we just commented?  Go back and look at their websites quickly: what strikes you the most?

The design is impeccable.

Each of those customized websites has beautiful photography, a clear and pleasant background, and their own logos/marks that are easily identifiable.

Did you know that  design is 94% of the time responsible for people first impressions and that it only takes 50 milliseconds for them to have a first opinion? If not check out this study more in detail.

A massive part of creating a personal brand is done in the first place. You are right, it definitely takes some time to think and decide the type of approach you will have with your future customers, the colors and theme you will use, the logo and marks one will recognize you with etc

However, once this is all done, you will be able to reuse those tones whatever and wherever you communicate.

Naturally, you must communicate smartly and bring relevant information to your audience, but doing so while keeping a consistent design is precisely what will make you recognizable everywhere and strengthen your brand authority.

freelancer logo

As the famous saying states, you never get a second chance to make a great first impression. You might be doing extraordinary work but if your potential key clients do not perceive or guess it when they visit your website, you re definitely missing great opportunities.

So start small and gradually deepen your connection with your visitors. Give them your essential message and make it gradually more and more accurate and professional. You could even start with just a simple logo and a basic but clear design.

clear design website

As long as your content is relevant and you keep the efficiency factor in mind, you will for sure raise the interest of your future clients.

However, a basic website will never lead to fireworks. If you want to be seen and considered as a real professional, you are going to need a customized and solid design: online, that often makes separates freelancers considered as true experts from the rest.

Creating and/or redesigning your own personal site 

Building a great website that perfectly reflects who you are as a freelancer or giving it a brand new look is challenging.

That is why we are here for you not only to create or redesign it, but also to (re)think its entire structure and give you another perspective based on our experience and expertise.

web design freelancer

When you need to be creative, a third eye is always beneficial. It’s actually really hard to just think of every single aspect of your website and simultaneously take some distance from it to objectively assess it.

Working closely with a talented web designer will allow you to see things differently and notice potential improvements that you just could not see in the first place.

But honestly, how can you be absolutely lucid if you have blinders on?

The things is that most freelancers having a website think it is fine as it is or even look “good”. But if your website looks “good” and is basic or even poor in terms of design, user experience, speed, call-to-actions, clarity etc. it is definitely not a “good” website.

A really good website, that is to say great on all aspects – design, content, user interaction, CMS, flexibility, possibility for adjustments and changes – can offer you possibilities you probably never thought of such as: 

  • Converting visitors into clients (the most obvious one)
  • Attracting new business partners
  • Being contacted by press and bloggers
  • Easily find new suppliers

So having a website with just a good or even great design its simply not sufficient.

Paying an expensive website just to have a tremendous design is like buying a beautiful Ferrari but ignoring how powerful its engine really is. 

That is why we make sure every single aspect of your website is concerned with efficiency and identity so that your “car” reaches its maximum power.

web design aspects

The only thing you will need to ensure is that you have roads to test your “car”. Would it not be frustrating to own a Ferrari but always comply with the speed limits and never be able to test its real power?

Well, that is exactly the same with a great website.

Even tough your car is great on all aspect, you have to know how to drive and in which direction in order to leverage all potential for greatness.

car race

Attracting tons of qualified users to your unique website

Imagine you have a great shop with awesome items but no one comes in?

We make sure this never happens and that’s why we take your website to the next level. As we previously said having a great website is a necessary but not sufficient condition in order to be successful on the web.

Once you have ensured that your website meets all, you are going to have to apply strategies in order to attract as many qualified visitors as you can.

Frankly, there are dozens of ideas and strategies that you could implement to grow your freelancer’s website.

Nevertheless, not all ideas are equal and your time is precious and limited. That is why you have to opt for the greatest strategies only and disregard the rest.

digital strategy freelancer

And let’s admit it thinking as an entrepreneur and putting core principles into practice is not an easy thing. You learn everything along the way and you learn mainly by doing and doing mistakes.

This does not mean you do not need to think far in advance. As a famous Chinese general highlighted it 2500 years ago, the supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.

Applied to your website and freelance business, this means that if you perfectly know yourself, your clients, your competitive environment, you are on the right markets and you already master the way(s) to penetrate and dominate them in the long-term, you will not have to spend too much time and effort to rapidly be predominant.

sun tzu freelancers

Think ahead and try to win the battle before it is fought.

Here are 2 main leverages on which you can work to unlock the full potential of your website. 

  • SEO
  • Social Media

Those are obviously not a revolution.

Nevertheless that does not mean they are easily accessible to all: both require precision, dedication, intelligence, and creativity.

If they are applied smartly and on the right market, they can skyrocket your freelancer’s results and that is precisely our objectives: ensuring you reach your top objectives and overcome your expectations.

To find out more about how we can help you grow thanks to SEO and social media just click on those items. And if you already know what you need drop us a quick message here. We are always delighted to exchange with ambitious freelancers in the Netherlands.


Bottom line, YOU are unique!

And your skills, talent, and personality are worth being exposed to as many people as possible.

be proud of how hard you are working

So show off your style and greatness on the web but please, for your own sake, do not do it partially or negligently.

Make it happen 100%.

Remember: efficiency and identity are your key guides and mentors when it comes to creating or redesigning the greatest website you can have.

The more efficient you are, the more you will save time for you and your visitors. And the more authentic and personal you get, the more accurate and closer the connection with your future clients will be.

Eventually, think ahead and far. Consider your strategies according to your market and your place/added value on it, plan them, turn into a professional executer, and generate dramatic results!

And of course, all along the way, never forget to enjoy 😀

freelancer enjoy

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