Dear freelancers from the Netherlands, we’re going to reveal you how you can generate incredible results and dramatically multiply your turnover with Facebook Ads 😀

You may not know it but Facebook is a HUGE leverage to use in order to develop your business at a high speed.

However to know how to smartly use the most famous of all social media, you indeed have to know what to accurately do without spending tons of your money on it.

Here we have collected various entrepreneurs’ feedback for you in order to highlight the greatest types of ads and audiences – what best worked for them – and how to smartly create efficient ads and conduct relevant campaigns on Facebook.

Enjoy 🙂


#1 – The best ads

Facebook ad freelance

1. Customer success stories

satisfied customers

What seems to be getting most leads, i.e. email subscriptions from web users who can potentially be converted into customers, is very often customers’ reviews and stories.

Customers exposing their experience and journey and highlighting how satisfied they have been working with you and how it considerably changed their life/business indeed appear to be extremely efficient to acquire new customers.

Those video-portraits lead to a capture Web page.

What is it exactly? This is a page where you collect information of your potential customers in order to send them back information about your offers and how you can help them achieve their goals.

So ads running on those customers video-portraits are often quoted as the most profitable ones as they lead to the largest number of subscribers and, as a result, in the greatest increases of your turnover.

2. A Free guide

free guide freelance

Very simple.

You just give out to your web users and potential customers a free guide or any other valuable document that they can download.

You can set up a capture web page for such a guide too and run ads on it through Facebook

3. Signing up for a webinar

freelance webinar

If you’re organizing a webinar to sell your products or services, know that a Facebook ad set on your webinar is also an effective means of acquiring new customers.

Just make sure your webinar has a perfect quality and is accessible/understandable for the largest audience possible.

4. Retargeting ads

retargeting freelance

What is it exactly?

Every single person who subscribed but did not purchase or who saw the capture web page but did not subscribe, i.e. everyone who has shown a minimum of interest in what you shared, can be retargeted so that your ad is shown to them by using a different approach / a different angle or perspective.

What’s essential is that this new approach has to better convince them, and embodies something that is closer to their needs, values, opinions or vision.

Retargeting is quite powerful as it allows you to automatically deliver the same message several times to various audiences but expressed in a different manner tough.



#2 – The greatest audiences

In case you’re lost – we’re sure you’re not though 😀 – audiences are the web users you’re going to send a message to through the Facebook Ads engine.

Therefore, you can consider every single audience as a unique group to which you send a specific message and from which you expect different outcomes.

So what those groups can actually be?

1. Your emailing list

emailing list

If you do not have emailing lists yet you can definitely build them up.

What does that mean exactly?

To be clear you can actually retrieve all the email addresses of people, prospects, and clients who are following you and upload them in the Facebook Ads engine.

From there, you can modify/customize your list directly on the advertising platform or even ask Facebook to calculate/create a similar audience, i.e. based on all the information that Facebook owns about the persons to which the email addresses belong, they will somehow draw a police sketch of the whole emailing list and target a similar audience whose members have a common identity – sex, age, interests, hobbies, opinions – as the members of the initial list you uploaded.

Powerful right? This technique has proven to be absolutely effective as targeted people often share the same interests and expectations of people who could follow you and subscribe to your email list or even purchase your products/services.


2. A similar clients’ audience

similar client audience

Same process as above but with clients only this time: Facebook will assess the profile of members based on the email address you gave them and create a similar list that your ads will target

a) Your Facebook Fans

facebook fans

As those people are also already following you, targeting them through Facebook Ads ensure a decent turnover because they are by nature interested in what you do and sell.

b) Friends of your fans

facebook friend fan

This is what happens when you run advertising campaigns for friends of people who are already following you: when your ad will be displayed on their Facebook, “Your friend Y likes…”.

So this can be somehow interpreted as a social validation by your targeted audience: as your prospect is seeing that one of his/her friends is already a fan of your Facebook pro page, there are good chances that she/he will also wants to subscribe to your page and follow your posts and activities.

Chances indeed remain definitely higher that your targeted member likes your page when she/he sees that his/her friend(s) also like you: “if my friends follow you, I should also follow you”.

c) Time spent on your website

facebook pixel

You can use what we call the Facebook Pixel: it’s a little and very simple script that allows you to track people who come to your website and to retarget them on Facebook later on.

You could for instance target people who have spent more than one minute on your website exclusively.

d) Video views

facebook video views

Facebook allows to retarget prospects who saw a part of your video – 25%, 50%, 80%, 95% etc – and you know that for a 5 or 10-minute video, the person who is watching 80% of it for example is very likely to be someone interested.

So you can select all the videos you have published on Facebook and you will target only the people who have watched 75% of your videos. This way you are sure to target a very qualitative audience of people who know you quite well.

e) General retargeting

retargeting facebook

You can also retarget just all the people that have shown any interest for you/your freelance business.

For example someone who saw your selling web page but did not purchase your product can be definitely part of such a list of targeted prospect.

However you just have to take into account that because those prospects did not buy your product/service in the first place, it could be worth approaching them from a different angle or perspective instead of sending them the exact same message for a second time.

Be creative and you’ll probably figure out how you can better convince and persuade them.


#3 – Creating your ads

facebook ad creation

Maybe you are wondering what you should actually integrate in your ads: videos, images, a long text, a short text etc.

Well you can of course have diverse types of ads: not all your ads have to be in one format only.

An interesting combination would be for example to have 60% of your ads as images and the rest of them with videos. (40%)

When you create an add including an image, just make sure that the image is clear enough and that the associated short description underneath it can quickly captivate anyone’s attention.

If you have the budget for it, we also definitely recommend you to call on a photographer to make professional photos that could be used for your ads, website, brochures and any other document seen by your customers.

The 20% text/image rule

20 percent rule facebook

This is an important Facebook rule you should take into account when you create images ads: as soon as you display in your image more than 20% of text, Facebook will consider your ad as not fully attractive and is going to consequently downgrade the broadcast of it.

So to know if your ad has more than 20% of text, you can use the following cool and free tool from Facebook: the overlay tool.

Regarding your videos, it could be as we mentioned it earlier simply your most satisfied customers’ stories or even a short clip highlighting how you can significantly help your customers solve their problems / challenges.

What matters the most is that your videos are really professional, concise, and pleasant to watch: most web users do not have a lot of time and even tend to have less and less. So be synthetic but relevant and accurate and tell your audience the story that will turn them into people who want to work with you.

video freelancer facebook

What about you now? Are you conducting Facebook ad campaigns? Do you already use some of those techniques and tips? What does work best for you to maximize your ROI?

Give your opinion in the comments’ section and remember to have Fun when freelancing 😀

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